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As of the current Guild contract there is an updated grievance procedure. See Contract ARTICLE XV Adjustment of Disputes for the full text.
It is important that you contact your steward or a Guild representative as soon as possible after an alleged occurance to preserve your rights to file a formal grievance.

Step 1: Within 14 days of an alleged occurance, the Guild and aggrieved employee shall attempt to settle the grievance with the appropriate supervisor or manager. The supervisor or manager will provide a written response within 7 days of the meeting. The Guild must provide notice to the Company that it intends to file a written grievance.



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Step 2: If no resolution is reached at Step 1, the written grievance shall be filed within 7 days after receiving the Step 1 written response. A meeting with the company will be scheduled within 5 business days after the filing of the written grienvance.

Step 3: If no resolution was reached within 30 days of the first meeting in Step 2, the Company will have 21 days to submit a written response to the Guild. Upon receipt of the Company's written response, the Guild shall have 30 days in which to notify the Company of its decision whether to take the issue to arbitration.



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