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2013 Scholarship Recipients Announced

Parker Henry (Jordie & Tom Henry - Editorial)
Cullen O'Connor (Terry Dojcsak-- IT)
Rod Lockwood (Features)
Jennifer Simcox (George Simcox-- Finance)
Thomas Troy III (Tom Troy-- Editorial)


Guild Scholarship Program
Deadline for applications is June 30.
Scholarships are awarded in July.

Each year, the Toledo Newspaper Guild Local 34043 awards 5 scholarships in the amount of $500 each to assist Guild members in good standing, their spouse or domestic partner, children, and stepchildren living in their home with expenses as they pursue further education. Our goal is not to simply reward those with the highest grade point average, but rather to find students who are doing well in the classroom and who have a commitment to their community and a clear vision of their future. Since the summer of 2000, we have awarded 65 scholarships to Guild members and their families. While their final careers will be different, all of the scholarship recipients have shared a commitment to making their community a better place in which to live.

To Apply:

Applicants should already be enrolled in, or planning to attend, an accredited two or four-year university, an accredited trade school, graduate school or law school.

They must carry at least a 2.0 grade point average.

Students must supply proof of grade point average in the form of an official transcript from the student’s high school, college or university. Official transcripts faxed from the applicant’s school will be accepted.

Interested candidates must submit a letter of application with their name, address, phone number and school. Also required is a letter containing all of the following: community service, extracurricular activities, and several paragraphs on their understanding of how unions have helped them.

Applications may be dropped off in person, mailed, faxed, or e-mailed (with attachment). The deadline for applying to the union office is the last Thursday in June by 12 noon.

The non-renewable scholarships are usually presented at the Guild’s July general membership meeting.

Please direct questions to the Guild Office, 419.241.3419. Application for scholarships is open to Guild members in good standing, their spouse, or domestic partner, children, and stepchildren living in their home. Selection of scholarship winners will be made without regard to age, sex, race, creed, color, national origin, marital or parental status, family relationship, sexual orientation, political activities or political belief, irrelevant mental or physical disabilities.

Prior Year Scholarship Recipients
(Through the generousity of an anonymous donor, we were able to award a 6th scholarship from 2007 through 2012. Words can not express our sincere thanks!)

2012 Winners
Claudia Boyd-Barrett (Retail Advertising)
Morgan Hojnacki (Jeff Hojnacki -- Circulation)
Sydney Long (Phil Long -- PrePress/Ad Team)
Kathryn McKenty (Lori McKenty -- PrePress/Ad Services)
Lauren Markey (Matt Markey -- Editorial/Sports)
Tessa Rodgers (Nancy Rodgers-- Retail Advertising)

2011 Winners
Katie Cross (Connie Cross -- Inside Classified)
Taylor Hertz (Chris Hertz -- Editorial/Sports)
Morgan Hojnacki (Jeff Hojnacki -- Circulation)
Haley Long (Phil Long -- PrePress/Ad Team)
Blaise Markey (Matt Markey -- Editorial/Sports)
Molly Troy (Tom Troy -- Editorial)

2010 Winners
Morgan Hojnacki (Jeff Hojnacki -- Circulation)
Shannon Kolkedy (Guild Member -- Editorial)
Kelsey Lockwood (Rod Lockwood -- Editorial)
Kelsey McKenty (Lori McKenty -- Prepress/Ad Services)
Katie Midgley Sharon Midgley -- Retail Advertising)
Andrew Wettle (Credit Union Member

2009 Winners
Andrew Bova (Dennis Bova -- Editorial)
Dana Chavez (Jon Chavez -- Editorial)
Adam Harlow (Sara Welborn-Harlow -- Prepress/Ad Team)
Sydney Long ( Phil Long -- Prepress/AdTeam)
Lauren Przybylski ( Kim Przybylski -- Retail Advertising)
Megan Rupley ( Lynne Rupley -- Prepress/Ad Team

2008 Winners
Elizabeth Durham (Roberta -- Editorial)
Lauren Guthrie (Brett Guthrie -- Marketing/Ad Team)
Laura Loeb (Nancy Loeb -- Payroll)
William Midgley ( Sharon Midgley -- Retail Advertising)
Megan Zapotosky (Dave Zapotosky -- Editorial/Photo)
Thomas Zeller, Jr. (Guild Member --

2005 Toledo Newspaper Guild